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How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe: 2023 Bra Edition

First thing’s first: what is a capsule wardrobe? 

Think of your denim jacket, plain white tee, or LBD. A capsule wardrobe for women is a curated selection of pieces that dress you for every and any occasion. No matter what's on the agenda, your capsule wardrobe comes equipped with the essentials.

Now imagine you treated your top drawer the same way. Think lingerie that works with all the styles in your closet. Take the stress out of getting dressed with a curated lineup of bras that always has your back (and boobs). 

Don’t know where to start? We got you. Add these top 4 bra styles to your capsule wardrobe checklist. STAT. 

1. The Spacer Bra

Hailed as the ultimate “no bra” bra, The Spacer rose in popularity after exploding on TikTok. Since then, it has proved itself to be more than just a trend. 

In fact, it rose to our crew's #1 fave bra – and for good reason. The Spacer combines total support with the ease of a bralette. Seemingly impossible, until you try it. 

Light, yet pillowy spacer padding feels like a cloud for your boobs. No poking or digging here. Easy front adjusters give that perfect “you fit”. Plus, if you’re looking for supportive bras, The Spacer features an active-inspired band that moves and flexes with you.

Wear it under your t-shirts and fitted tops for a smooth, rounded, and natural shape. Barely-there feels every day of the week.

Summed Up

If you’re looking for comfortable, supportive bras, The Spacer is the perfect mash-up. More fitted than a sports bra, comfy enough to fall asleep in.

2. The No-Wire Strapless

Dare we say, revolutionary. Finally, a strapless bra that stays up. Move, jump, and wiggle, this strapless bra isn’t going anywhere. Best known for its ability to bend and roll, it stays flexible for all your power moves.

That’s right, without a single wire, this strapless bra achieves the impossible. But, how? Thanks to its “no slip” silicone grip, you’ll never have to fix, pull, or adjust throughout the day. Plus, the band keeps a comfy hold to the body. Extra security gives you that boost of confidence to own your look effortlessly. 

Summed Up

A game-changing strapless bra that stays put without wires. Slip it on and show off your décolletage with total ease. 

3. The All-Day T-Shirt Bra

Just like your plain white tee, the t-shirt bra never goes out of style. This everyday MVP dishes the comfort, support, and style you deserve 24/7. 

Comfortable bras for women that actually support are hard to find. That’s why this t-shirt bra is a diamond in the rough. Flexible underwire moves with you - no digging, poking, or prodding. All the subtle support you need, every day of the week. 

It styles effortlessly under your favorite tees and tops. Perfect shape, zero bulk. Not to mention, zero seams or lines showing through. Wear it without a second thought.

We have to mention our signature All Day modal fabric. Voted “softest ever” by our crew, it quickly became a fan-fave. Because why shouldn't your boobs get the best? The cherry on top is a breathable mesh wing. This hint of effortless style is the perfect touch to a classic silhouette.

Summed Up

Your everyday MVP bra dishing flexible support, total comfort, and effortless style. 

4. The Minimizer 

D-G Cup Crew, we got you. The best-selling full coverage Minimizer Bra expertly smoothes and shapes while embracing what makes you, you. Instead of feeling squished and constrained, choose your own level of shape and support. 

You may be wondering, “does a minimizer bra really work?” Well, take it from our crew. Celebrated in reviews as an “answered prayer,” the Minimizer has completely changed the game if you’re busty sized. That’s right, it actually minimizes. 

What’s the secret? Well, the beauty is in the details. Smoothing cups minimize up to 1.5 inches so you can wear your favorite tops without the fuss. A ballet-style back adds balance and support. Wide, plushy straps offer extra comfort.

Wear what you want, how you want with total confidence. 

Summed Up

The D-G wingwoman smooths, shapes, and supports so that you have full fashion freedom.



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