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The 5 Hacks That’ll Keep Your Bras + Undies Looking Like New

Say bye to pinching, sagging, and the dreaded lumpy cups. Get the most out of your bras and undies by treating them with some extra TLC. We answer your most asked questions, like “How do you wash bras so that they last longer?” and “How many times should I wear a bra before washing?”

Follow these 5 tips and tricks so that you’re wearing your “good underwear” every day.

1. Give your bra a break

Be honest. Are you wearing that same wireless bra day in and day out, with no breaks in between? Don't worry, this is a no-judgment zone. We’ve all done it, but we’re here to tell you that rotating your bras on a daily basis is key to keeping them looking and fitting their best. Rest days give the elastics time to rebalance (who knew, right?). If the goal is to always get the best, most comfortable fit possible, then rotating is an absolute must. And if that t-shirt bra or wireless bra is the only one that really does it for you — buy multiples so you can rotate them.

Shop bras online here. 

2. Hand-wash vs. Machine

Hand washing bras, undies, and swimwear can maximize the life-expectancy of your delicates. The cold truth is that washing machines can be harsh, leading to rips, bent wires, and faded fabrics. Hand wash your favorite wireless bras, underwire bras, and panties (thongs, bikinis, you name it!) in cold water with delicate-specific detergent so that all your underthings look bright, happy, and good as new.

3. Air drying is your friend

The dryer can also do a number on your bras, underwear, and swimwear. Hang your intimates on a laundry rack at night and in the morning you’ll have bras and panties that retain their shape, color, and elasticity. Plus, it’s better for the planet and your electricity bill. Win-win.

4. When it comes to washing, less is more

You may be wondering, “How many times should I wear a bra before washing?” Part of smelling fresh and clean is washing your delicates. But there’s actually no hard and fast rule on how often you should wash your bras. When a bra is looking (or smelling) a little worse for the wear, wash it. A word of warning: This does not apply to undies. Full stop. One wear and those babies are ready for the hamper. And that goes for all of them. Cotton underwear, lace underwear - you name it.

5. Invest in a lingerie bag

You’re busy. You’ve got things to do. Sometimes hand-washing is not an option. And that’s okay. In that case, go ahead and use the washing machine. Just make sure you throw your undies and bras in a lingerie bag to keep them from getting tangled or snared. And that goes for all bras - from sports bras to strapless bras. Use the delicate cycle on your washing machine. It’s there for a reason. ;)

It’s easy to care for bras, underwear, and swimwear — it’s just a matter of knowing the right rules for keeping those delicates looking shiny and new. 

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