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Bras, undies and swim are like friends: treat ‘em with care, and they’ll stick around longer. Here’s what you need to know—and don’t worry, it’s as simple as can be.

  1. Bras need a day off, too.

If you worked all the time without any rest, you’d get worn out, and bras are no different! Rotating your bras daily gives the elastic time to rebalance between wears and ensures that you're always getting the best, most comfortable fit possible.

  1. Hand vs. Machine

Bras, undies and swim are delicate creatures by nature (they come in contact with the most delicate parts of your body, after all), and washing machines can be harsh. Hand-wash in cold water with detergent made especially for delicates, which will help avoid rips, bent wires and faded fabrics (amongst other things that can ruin your bra and your day).

  1. Air Apparent

The washer isn’t the only mean girl in town: the dryer can also do a number on your delicates and swimwear. After hand-washing, lay flat on a drying rack or hang over a waterproof surface. Do it at night, and in the morning you’ll have clean, dry undies and swim like it was NBD.

  1. Less is More

When it comes to washing your pieces, that is. You don’t need to wash after every wear. In fact, there’s no prescribed rule—just use your best judgment of when one is looking a little worse for wear. No free ride for underwear though—once is enough and into the wash it goes.

  1. Bag it up

When hand-washing is not an option, gentle does it. Invest in a lingerie bag (and by invest, we mean snag one for $6 off Amazon), and it will keep things from getting tangled or snared in the wash. 


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