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The Strapless Edit: No Slip. 100% Confidence.

Strapless bras have long been the enemy. They're up one second, down the next.  "Why does it have to be so hard?" you ask yourself. Well, we have good news for you. The struggle is over.

We're so past the point of uncomfy, droopy bras that we just *deal* with. That's why we designed strapless bras to support and style you every step of the day. We even have supportive strapless bras without any pokey wires. (They basically defy the laws of gravity). Don't believe it? Feel for yourself.

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Low Back Strapless

Sweetheart in the front, drop-down in the back - that’s how this Low Back Strapless bra rolls. She's the ultimate wingwoman for cocktails turned late nights. Think of her as a bra... like a corset.. but also a top. Your most versatile fashion staple no doubt.

Pairs Well With: Dress pants, jeans, blazers, high-waist skirts, and strapless dresses

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Smooth Strapless

Here’s to LIVELY’s Smooth Strapless bra with flexible underwire. All the support you need with the soft, seamless feels you love. Finally a cute and comfortable strapless bra to wear on the reg. Plus, the lightly-lined foam pads add a feel-good lift.

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No-Wire Strapless

Have your strapless and love it, too. LIVELY’s No-Wire Strapless won't let you down - literally. Her “no-slip” silicone grip was designed with every risqué dance move in mind. Fold it, pack it, wear it. It's our #1 favorite travel companion for a reason. 

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Lace Strapless

This Lace Strapless combines soft, lacy details with comfy, active-inspired band. The ultimate combo of lingerie and athleisure. She comes well equipped with straps that convert from classic to strapless in seconds. This lace bra was designed to be hidden but a moment in the spotlight.

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Smooth Stickies and Body Tape

And then are the days when you go bra-less. That's when the dream duet steps in. Meet Smooth Stickies + Body Tape. Whether you’re an A-cup or DDD cup, this is your hack to wearing your trickiest looks with ease. The boob stickies will keep those nips hidden, and the body tape will give you that desired lift and support for any top you can imagine.

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