strapless bra strapless bra strapless bra strapless bra The No-Wire Strapless: Toasted Almond The No-Wire Strapless: Toasted Almond The No-Wire Strapless: Toasted Almond The No-Wire Strapless: Toasted Almond The No-Wire Strapless: Toasted Almond The No-Wire Strapless: Toasted Almond

The No-Wire Strapless

Toasted almond

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Mix, Match, And Mix again

  • • 2 bras for $60
  • • 3 bras for $80
  • • 3 undies for $25
  • Style notes

    Bend it, roll it, and get ready to live in it… 

    This revolutionary strapless bra is making the impossible oh so possible.

    • 4 level hook-and-eye back closure
    • Extra security with a “no-slip” strip
    • Lightly-lined foam padding
    • Adjustable, removable back straps 

Free US shipping over $40 + free returns

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It's OK

I really really wanted to love this bra. The bra to end all suffering! But it just didn't do it for me. The good news is that I measured myself (well my husband helped) exactly as they suggested and I came up with a 34D, which is what I thought my size was and when I received the bra it did fit. It's a bit tight, but if it weren't it may slip down so I get that. The cups cover the entirety of my breasts and don't make my breasts spill out over the tip. It doesn't slip down, so there is no pulling it up occasionally. There is a strip of sticky plastic around the top of the bra to help hold it in place also. It's cool that I can roll it up and pack it really easily. The not so great news is that there IS a wire in the bra, on the side where your ribs are. Its a very strong piece of boning and I understand why it is there, but it's NOT a "no-wire" bra like advertised. Most strapless bras have this boning to help keep everything up, but this boning is much longer than most, it's 4 inches long, my other bras are about 2 inches. And the longer the boning the higher the chance of it bending. So I wore this bra for the first time yesterday and the entire time I sat or bent over, the boning bowed outwards on both sides of my body and dug in where the ends of the boning are. Standing up I was decently fine, but it still wasn't the most comfortable bra ever. The boning seems to be staying in the bowed out position, even after standing, but it doesn't dig in. I'm wearing the bra again today to give it a second chance and the boning is bowing out and digging into my side as I type :(. Maybe it's my body type (5'6", 150lbs, lean-ish athletic-type build, higher wasted), but I have a feeling it's got to be effecting other women. I'm contemplating having my seamstress remove the boning all-together. At this point I just can't wear a "No-wire" strapless bra that digs into me in a different area than a normal underwire bra. I traded one pain for another, and to be honest, this pain is worse. The cups are also two tone, which I didn't think would be a big deal, but when wearing a top that is a little more see-through (like white or a thin fabric), you can see the distinct different between the colors and my husband said it looked like I was wearing 2 bras, one on top of the other. You can also see the seem through certain shirts. I would just love for there to be an option for a single color, no seem cup, without the wires on the sides. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I can't return the bra after removing the tags I will have to make due with this one. Had I tried this bra on in stores, I probably would have passed on it, but after waiting to receive the bra and being smitten by the company, I really thought I could make it work, so I ripped the tags off (my mistake). I may remove the wires completely and just see what happens... It can't be any worse. I would say, given all of the incredible marketing this company does and how they tout the bra as amazing, it was just OK in my opinion. With a few modifications it could be a great bra. I will keep an eye out and see if Lively takes customer feedback into account.


Hey Angela! We really appreciate your feedback and are bummed this didn't work out for you. We'd be happy to accept your item without its tag as a return - it looks like you've already been in touch with our care team via email, but please reach out again if we can help with anything else! xo LIVELY


I love this bra so much!

Amazing fit and very comfortable! It gives me the perfect amount of support!!


Definitely size up!

I got this in my usual size and had to return as it was way too big, recently got it again in a smaller cup size and it's a little better but I think I could've even gone down another cup - I'm normally 32C so can't go down any band size as 32 is the smallest. Every other Lively bra works perfectly at my size, except this one, and even now it doesn't hold up extremely well.


Very Ordinary

I wanted to love this, but it didn't do anything for me. Wasn't flattering in back and didn't seem to hold me up particularly well. Returning.


Might run big

I measured myself using the fit guide, but it seemed slightly big. However it is more comfortable than most other strapless bras. The 4 hook closure is a challenge.

Bra Sizing Guide

Don’t sweat it love, this will be a piece a of cake.


Okay — breathe in, then out, and hold. Wrap a tape measure around your chest at band level and take a look.
Odd number? Add 1. Even number? Add 2.
For example — if you measured 33” and add 1, you get 34”. This is your band size!


Breathe in again, then out, and hold.
1. Wrap a tape measure around the fullest part of your bust and take note.
2. Round to the nearest whole number. This is your bust size!
3. Subtract your band size from your bust size and voila! This determines your cup size.
For example — if your bust measured to 36, you would subtract 34 from 36 to get 2!


Cup Size


Put your band size and cup size together and now you have your bra size!
Our example comes out to be a 34B.


Band size too tight? Cup size too small? Enter your size below to find out your sister size.

If your band is too tight, try a
If your cup is too small, try a
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