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3 Easy Steps: Find Your Bra Size At Home

We all know that feeling  cups feel droopy, straps are digging in... Long story short, the bra just doesn’t fit right. Luckily, it takes two minutes to find your correct bra size. The best part? You can do it right at home.

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Getting Started

Stand in front of the mirror wearing your best fitting, least padded bra and grab a soft measuring tape.

Step 1 - Find Your Band Size

Wrap the measuring tape around your back, just below the shoulder blades and under your bust. Pro Tip: Make sure the tape is parallel to the floor. 

Pull to a snug fit and take your measurement. Use this number to find your band size in the chart below.

Step 2 - Measure your Bust Size

Slide the measuring tape up your back, across your shoulder blades and around the fullest part of your bust. (Make sure your measuring tape is still parallel to the floor.)

Hold the tape as loosely as possible so that you’re not indenting or pressing into the skin. Note the number on the tape  this is your bust size. Remember this, it will help you find your cup size in the next step!

Step 3 - Find Your Cup Size

Let’s do some math! Find your cup size by subtracting your band size (the number in step 1) from your bust size (the number in step 2) . Use the difference to reveal your cup size, which you can find in the chart below.


Done and done. Now let’s find you the perfect bra.
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