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The 5 Hacks That’ll Keep Your Bras + Undies Looking Like New

Is there anything worse than investing in a quality bra or two, only to find a year later they’re looking a little rough around the edges? Perhaps the cup has lost some of its shape. Maybe a wire is starting to poke through. Safe to say, we’ve all been there at one point or another.

A good bra can last you years — if you treat it with tender love and care, that is. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your LIVELY bras, undies, and swimwear fresh and in working condition.

1. Give your bra a break

Be honest. Are you wearing the same bra day in and day out, with no breaks in between? Don't worry, this is a no judgment zone. We’ve all done it, but we’re here to tell you that rotating your bras on a daily basis is key to keeping them looking and fitting their best. Rest days give the elastics time to rebalance (who knew, right?). If the goal is to always be getting the best, most comfortable fit possible, then rotating is an absolute must. And if that one bra is the only one that really does it for you — buy multiples so you can rotate them.

2. Hand-wash vs. Machine

Hand washing bras, undies, and swimwear can really maximize the life-expectancy of your delicates. The cold truth is that washing machines can be harsh, leading to rips, bent wires, and faded fabrics. Hand-wash in cold water with delicate-specific detergent and the contents of your underthings drawer will be bright, happy, and looking as good as new.

3. Air drying is your friend

Along the same lines, the dryer can also do a number on your delicates and swimwear. So what’s a busy woman to do? Hang it on a laundry rack at night and in the morning you’ll have fresh, dry bras and panties that retain their shape, color, and elasticity. Plus, it’s better for the planet and your electricity bill. It really is a win-win-win situation.

4. When it comes to washing, less is more

We know you want to smell fresh and clean. And part of smelling fresh and clean is washing your clothes, particularly your delicates. Right? Yes, and no. Obviously, you should be washing your clothes, but really, you don’t need to wash after every wear. There’s no set in stone rule for how often you need to wash. When a bra is looking (or smelling) a little worse for the wear, wash it. A word of warning: This does not apply to underwear. Full stop. One wear and those babies are tossed in the hamper, ready for the wash. Everyone in your immediate vicinity, including yourself, will thank you.

5. Invest in a lingerie bag

You’re a busy woman. You’ve got things to do. Sometimes hand-washing is not an option. And that’s okay. In these cases, go ahead and use the washing machine. Just make sure you wash them in a lingerie bag to keep them from getting tangled or snared. And use the delicate cycle on your washing machine. It’s there for a reason.

It’s really not hard to properly care for bras, underwear, and swimwear — it’s just a matter of knowing the right rules for keeping those delicates looking shiny and new. Follow these tried-and-tested tips for taking care of your bras and underwear, and everyday will be the day you’re wearing your “good underwear.” No more pinching, sagging, or the dreaded lumpy cups. It’s just smooth sailing from here.

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