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Introducing: Note to Self Series

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we're ditching the girlboss mantras, hustle culture, and glorified burnout. Think of this as your friendly reminder to cancel out the noise saying what success "should" look like and focus on yourself instead. Note to self: you're doing great.

We invite you to hit pause and self-reflect this month on the little victories and small wins that only you may know about. The ones you don't show on social media - like doing a load of laundry, making that doctor’s appointment, or clocking out on time. Because the biggest things usually go unshared.

Our “Note to Self” Series is styled like a video diary to the world. Each week will highlight a member of our crew who embodies what women's empowerment means today. Spoiler alert: it looks different for everyone.

Check back each week on @wearlively or disconnect and log off for a while. That's cool, too. ;)

WEEK 1: "Self-Care Isn't Selfish"

Self-care isn’t just a treat, it’s a must-have. It's no longer reserved for Sundays or special occasions. It’s an everyday type of thing, defined by you. 

Arpita Mehta, Founder of The Little Brown Diary and Host of The Modern Millennial Podcast, shares how she prioritizes self-care in her day-to-day life.

Spending long hours in the digital world, Arpita makes sure to schedule time to disconnect.

While her self-care checklist differs by day, her usual go-tos include baking new treats, taking long showers, and listening to her fave podcast. She says making time for herself is key to managing stress and burnout (something we can all relate to). 

So set an alarm, make a sticky note, or pencil it into your calendar. Whatever you do, schedule yourself in first. 

WEEK 2: "Wherever You Are, Be All There"

This week is your reminder to embrace the simple joys. Nothing is too small to appreciate…a fresh cup of coffee, a smile from a stranger, crossing off your to-do list. 

Elisa Akarine, a plastic surgery resident in NYC, balances her long days by prioritizing the little things.

From organizing her countertop to chatting with friends over takeout, simple joys keep Elisa grounded amidst a hectic lifestyle. 

We invite you to stop and smell the roses. Recognize all the little things. They matter more than you think.

WEEK 3: "Access to My Energy Is a Privilege" 

MJ Livingston wears many hats - mother, wife, dental hygienist, and content creator, just to name a few. You may even recognize her in our nursing bras ;).

In order to juggle so much, she protects her inner peace through therapy, journaling, and FaceTime seshes with her inner circle.

My first year as a mom was the most challenging yet rewarding. You know when you’re on the plane and they give you the emergency instructions, ‘Put your mask on first before you put your children’s on.’ You have to put yourself first in order to help others,” says MJ.

This week is a reminder to protect your energy now, and always. Be deliberate with your time, space, and boundaries. 

Recognize who you surround yourself with and where you allot your energy. There's power in your inner circle. Choose wisely. 


WEEK 4: "It's Your Life, Hit 'Em With a Plot Twist"

Lindsey Martin, Founder of Kiramoon Beauty, made a major career pivot in order to follow her calling. After working in tech sales for almost 8 years, she took the leap to start a beauty brand.

Lindsey admits there was a learning curve in the early stages. But she surrounded herself with mentors who made all the difference.

"It is so scary to take a new leap. It is so scary to jump into the unknown. But if your heart is telling you that you want to pursue something else with your life, you have to answer that call," says Lindsey.

This week is dedicated to life’s hiccups, detours, and curveballs. Sometimes we throw our plans out the window, and that’s okay. Here’s to figuring things out along the way. Celebrating the journey. And realizing we’re headed for something even better.