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Fashionable Bras With Actual Support & Full Coverage

Attention, D-DDD Crew: it’s a new year, and we are thrilled to offer a collection of full coverage bras & bralettes that have been thoughtfully engineered with you in mind. What does that mean, exactly? They don’t sacrifice style for comfort. They look great and they feel great too! Our promise to you hasn’t changed — we will always deliver next-level function and support while maintaining ultimate style, all under one affordable price no matter the size, style, or color! This 2021, we’re taking these crew-loved silhouettes to stylishly new heights.



Fashionable Bras


What sets them apart from the rest:

Unlike other bras, we’ve found a way to merge next-level function with ultimate fashion. As a member of our DDD and beyond crew, you know the drill: The majority of bras aimed at busty women are usually about proper coverage and giving the girls enough support, while fashion has taken a backseat. But that’s never been the case with LIVELY. Our full coverage bras have the best of both worlds: The full support you’ve come to love and expect, but a level of high-fashion that means if you wanted to, you could wear these beautiful styles all on their own.  

Fashionable Bras


When you wear them:

Every. Damn. Day. Why save the good stuff for a special occasion? We’re of the camp that if your first layer makes you feel like a total badass, everything else will fall into place. All of our full coverage bras offer special features that are invisible to everyone else, but a total game changer for you including front adjusters for easy fixes, a convertible back j-hook, and the perfect fit to hold you in all the right places. 

Fashionable Bras




Finally, the support,comfort and perfect fit of your favorite T-Shirt Bra, without the pokey wire! With over 150k sold, it’s clear why this style is our #1 sellout. It’s got our softest ever modal fabric, no-wire comfort, and stylish mesh details so that you can wear it all day — and night.

The 48 hour sellout that changed the game for our D-DDD crew! The secret to this top drawer must-have is in the supportive inner sling that ensures extra support and maximum comfort in just the right places.

Stretch it, feel it, look damn good in it. Cozy meets chic in this iconic bralette with easy pull over functionality, a scoop neckline and a seamless ribbed fabric that is as soft as it is supportive.

A.K.A. The Hybrid Bra! When your fave bralette meets your comfiest no-wire, you get this crew fave offering next-level comfort and all-day wear. With soft, built-in cuts for shape, an adjustable bands and versatile back J-hook, this will no doubt be your new full coverage MVP. Plus, we designed with alpha sizing (XS-L) so that it can flex and form to your shape!