6 Lace Bras Your Wardrobe Needs ASAP

Your wardrobe needs these must-have lace styles -- fresh palm lace plus all-day comfort and support.

1. The 2X Sellout

Soft and stylish lace details made for showing off, plus a supportive active inspired band. Win-win.

How you style it: Looks so good on it can dress up your lounge game or be styled with a denim jacket.

2. The Insta-Darling Bralette

Ideal for when your preferred option is no bra (but you still have places to go, things to do) this crew fave palm lace and barely-there feel is just the fix.

How you style it: High-style palm lace is perfect for peeking through your fave flowy tops.

3. Show a Little Shoulder

Finally, a cute and comfy strapless that actually stays put!

How you style it: Looks great for a night out under a leather jacket or under your breezy, off-the-shoulder tops to hold and support you all. day. long.

4. Total Support Meets Ultimate Style

The 48-hour sellout our D-DDD crew can’t get enough of: combines comfort and style with a supportive inner sling and active-inspired band giving a dose of magic in all the right places.

How you style it: Show off some lace under your fave cardi or all on it’s own.


5. More Lace Please

Making power moves while comforting, supporting, and styling you all at the same time.

How you style it: Beachside and paired with your go-to cut-offs.

6. The Crew MVP

Yes it exists, a perfect fit t-shirt bra with pretty palm lace details on the back that can convert to a racerback in a pinch.

How you style it: Your fave white tee’s perfect match with smooth, no-see-through support.


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