The LIVELY Podcast: No Makeup Needed The LIVELY Podcast: No Makeup Needed

Girls who wanna run the world, listen up! We’re about to bring your next mentor coffee date straight to your headphones.

Welcome to The LIVELY Podcast: No Makeup Needed where you come as you are to hear the real real on life, building a biz, making an impact, and how to juggle it all with the most influential women of today.

So put your hair in a topknot and get ready to podcast and chill. In this chat, there’s no makeup needed.

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  • On reinventing your fit game

    Hannah Bronfman

  • Leandra Medine

  • Sarah Levey

  • Cyndi Ramirez

  • Jaclyn Johnson

  • Mollie Chen

  • Georgina Gooley


    Rebecca Minkoff: The YOLO Moment

    February 19, 2019

    Rebecca Minkoff is a global fashion powerhouse taking the world by storm. She is the co-founder and creative director of her global namesake brand. She’s an entrepreneur, activist, designer, a mama and a true creative. When she was 18 years old, she packed up and left home, setting her sights on fashion design in NYC. The hustle was real, and after a few major YOLO moments, she found life full of passion, purpose, and confidence. In our first episode, we chat with Rebecca about that first YOLO step, the high highs and low lows of running your own biz, and finding your tribe of good people.


    Eden Grinshpan: Mama Fearless

    March 5, 2019

    Eden Grinshpan is the co-founder and chef of a Insta-hotspot restaurant - DEZ, the host of TopChef Canada, and a total open book on Instagram! Check out our chat with Eden on how she defines fearlessness, motherhood, all things food and fun.


    Phoebe Robinson: She glows up, we all glow up

    March 19, 2019

    Phoebe Robinson knows all about “the glow up” and what it means to bring other women with her. As a writer, performer, comedian, author, and podcaster, she has spoken up for those without a platform, shed light on today’s most crucial female topics and nurtured a thriving community. Aside from leaving behind Ohio, getting on a nickname level with Michelle Obama, and holding hands with Jon Hamm, Phoebe has kept it all in perspective and even now, paves the way for others who want to follow her.


    Hannah Bronfman: The Art of What Feels Good

    April 2, 2019

    Hannah Bronfman is a DJ, athlete, entrepreneur, health and wellness advocate, an newly-minted author, and full-time risk taker. After stumbling upon her DJ career almost by mistake, gaining first learns from her first start-up, and discovering her most authentic personal brand, Bronfman found herself launching her own uber successful and multifaceted brand HBFIT. Needless to say, doing any and everything it takes to become a total boss is part of her come up story. In this episode, we chat with Hannah bringing her side-hustles into the spotlight and finessing her ultimate career hustle while just doing what feels good.


    Fashion Without Fear with Leandra Medine

    April 16, 2019

    Leandra Medine is a fashion blogger, CEO, mother, author, and the woman behind media powerhouse, Manrepeller. As a New York City native, Medine has taken fashion on as her own personal compass for discovering identity. Her journey into entrepreneurship started as a junior in college at The New School when she launched Manrepeller, a fashion blog gone media powerhouse in a little over 4 years. In this episode, Medine gets super real with us as she talks about the fashion industry, self discovery, following your gut, and the journey into and within motherhood.


    Creating The Studio You Want To See with Sarah Levey

    Sarah Levey is an entrepreneur, risk taker, and yoga’s newest mogul as the co-founder of Y7. Born in Michigan, Levey’s first inspiration of a powerhouse woman started with her mom who balanced family with the hustle of her demanding career. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, snagging her first job, and inviting her boyfriend/now husband and co-founder to move with her, she wound up in NYC. Levey found herself wanting a more inclusive and free spirited environment from the yoga scene in New York, which pushed her to launch her now super successful business, Y7. In this episode, Levey lets us in on the sacrifices and learning curves of launching your own business, as well as how she has learned to embrace herself throughout the process.


    Success After Starting Over with Cyndi Ramirez

    Cyndi Ramirez is a founder, entrepreneur, dog mom, maker, brander, creator. As a Queens native, Ramirez grew up as a child actor and model finding herself acting in scenes with the likes of Lady Gaga on The Sopranos. After living the fast life as a 17 year old promoter and waitress, she realized that the nightlife scene and even acting was not her calling. After a bit of trial and error, Ramirez has become of the founder of Taste The Style, Chillhouse, and the face of some of our fave brands.


    Creating and Cultivating Your Own Career With Jaclyn Johnson

    Aside from being the founder and CEO of Create & Cultivate, Jaclyn Johnson is an entrepreneur, founder, podcaster, author of her new book called “Work Party” and was named a Forbes 30 under 30. After moving to LA and being laid off 3 months later, Johnson’s entrepreneurial journey began as a freelancer, which became an agency, and ultimately, her first company. Now as a seasoned business owner, Johnson has created a nationwide community and collective of career driven females who include the likes of Issa Rae, Chrissy Teigen, and Kim Kardashian.


    How to Launch! with Shaving Disruptor Georgina Gooley

    Georgina Gooley is an entrepreneur, creative, and co-founder of shaving disruptor, Billie. After quitting her full-time job and raising $100k at an accelerator, Gooley & fellow co-founder launched Billie in November 2017. A little over 1 year later, Gooley is a business owner with 14 employees, and is disrupting the shaving industry by putting women first, defying the “pink tax,” and making shaving a routine that’s more delightful and affordable.

  • EPISODE 10

    Going All-In From The Ground Up With Mollie Chen

    Mollie is a brand expert, food lover, health enthusiast, and mom. She's the co-founder of Birchbox and was most recently the VP of brand and customer experience at Hungryroot. After graduating from Harvard and working 5 years at The Conde Nast Traveler, Chen went on to build numerous businesses from the ground up. Now, Chen uses her brand knowledge and experience to consult, advise, and ANGEL invest in new companies.

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