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LIVELY is a brand made for women by women, inspiring them to live life passionately, purposefully, and confidently. We deliver bras and undies for your daily hustle in an entirely new POV we call Leisurée.

Jasmine. Sea. Sun.: Eau De Parfum
Jasmine. Sea. Sun. $55
Candle: Jasmine. Sea. Sun.
Candle $45
The It-Girl Hat: Soft Pink
The It-Girl Hat $35
The Gold Palm Tote: Gold Palm Print


The Gold Palm Tote $25
The Pom Pom Beanie: Dusty Pink
The Pom Pom Beanie $35
The Cotton Duster
The Cotton Duster $3
The Denim Stripe Tote: Denim Stripe


The Denim Stripe Tote $25
The Jumbo Scrunchie: Petal Pink/Picante
The Jumbo Scrunchie $15
The Tie Dye Tee: Cotton Candy Tie Dye
The Tie Dye Tee $45
The Retro Scrunchie
The Retro Scrunchie $12
The Gold Stripe Tote: Gold Stripe/White


The Gold Stripe Tote $25
The "Hit Snooze" Sleep Mask: Navy/White
The "Hit Snooze" Sleep Mask $22
The Maternity Bralette Trio: Terracotta/Jet Black/Toasted Almond

Save $45!

The Maternity Bralette Trio $90
The Retro Midi Sock: White/Burnt Orange
The Retro Midi Sock $15
The Crescent Zip Pouch: Pink
The Crescent Zip Pouch $15
The "Hit Snooze" Sleep Mask: Plum
The "Hit Snooze" Sleep Mask $22
The Dynamic Duo
The Dynamic Duo $70
The Perfect Trio
The Perfect Trio $125
The All. You. Scrunchie: Fresh Palm Print
The All. You. Scrunchie $15
The Tie Dye Pouch: Blue Tie Dye
The Tie Dye Pouch $15
The Tie Dye Tote: Blue Tie Dye


The Tie Dye Tote $25
The Retro Petal Tote: Powder Pink/White


The Retro Petal Tote $25
The Crew Fanny Pack: Jet Black
The Crew Fanny Pack $30
The It-Girl Pom Beanie: Dusty Pink
The It-Girl Pom Beanie $35
The Palm Lace Thong Bundle: Orchid/Plum/Toasted Almond

SAVE $15!

The Palm Lace Thong Bundle $30
The Destination Palm Tote: Deep Sea Palm Print


The Destination Palm Tote $25
All-Day Jumpsuit: Jet Black
All-Day Jumpsuit $75
The Poppy Floral Scarf Scrunchie: Poppy Floral

Workout Ready

The Poppy Floral Scarf Scrunchie $15
The Busty Maternity Bralette Trio: Plum/Smoke/Toasted Almond

SAVE $45!

The Busty Maternity Bralette Trio $90
The Bralette: Coral/White


The Bralette $55
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The Bikini - Print: Havana Print
The Bikini - Print $55
The All-You Swim Bralette: Coral


The All-You Swim Bralette $55
The "Hit Snooze" Sleep Mask: Dusty Pink
The "Hit Snooze" Sleep Mask $22
The LIVELY Tote Trio

Save $40

The LIVELY Tote Trio $35
The Head To Toe Swag Bundle

Save $22!

The Head To Toe Swag Bundle $30
The Poppy Floral Bundle: Poppy Floral
The Poppy Floral Bundle $45
The It-Girl Hat: Jet Black
The It-Girl Hat $35
The Beach Bundle

Save $26!

The Beach Bundle $60
The Retro Claw Clip
The Retro Claw Clip $15