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Hold please—bralettes for busty women are actually a thing? Grant assures us they are definitely a thing, so long as you look for one that has just the right details. According to her, "The winning combination is a strong band that is just the right fit, balanced with a cup that has enough coverage.

We will also see a rise in experiential retail, according to Michelle Cordeiro Grant, the founder of underwear brand Lively. To encourage consumers to spend time in their stores browsing their products, brands will get more creative, adding amenities like bars, coffee shops, and yoga classes. In other words, stores will become more like entertainment spots for people who share similar lifestyles and interests to spend time together. 

Lively uses Instagram to communicate with consumers on matters of fit, design and packaging, then turns the feedback into content. When a shopper tweets #needthis about a specific bra, the hashtag becomes an email headline. And while it celebrates famous fans like Khloe Kardashian and Gigi Hadid, it scours its social feeds to find ambassadors who are everyday women living regular lives.

LIVELY, the world’s only leisurée brand, wants to change how women view the entire process of purchasing underwear, and how they view themselves in it. To accomplish the brand’s mission, they’re partnering with I AM THAT GIRL.

Today, Lively strives to provide women with lingerie that looks great and feels high-performance, more akin to swimwear than the push up bras, and “fantasy” looks pushed by traditional brands or the too-plain alternatives sold at mainstream retailers.

Grant decided that there was room for an underwear brand that offered an alternative approach. She wanted to create intimates that would allow women to feel comfortable throughout a 14-hour day—from the gym to the office—that didn't look like something your granny (or your college-aged granddaughter) might wear.

Lively coined the term “ leisurée" and quickly paved its way for becoming a new leader in the category. The brand’s mission goes far beyond just creating intimates, Lively has set out to redefine what sexy means today; healthy, full of life, active, smart and outgoing.

The reigning, pushed-up-to-there aesthetic of the early-aughts has given way to a more relaxed, natural look—lines like Lively and Negative have built fashion-girl followings on phrases like “leisurée” and “less is more,” handmade operations have proliferated on Etsy and elsewhere, specializing in filmy, lacy underthings, and even stalwart brands such as Wacoal and Chantelle have launched non-underwire options to meet the growing trend.

Lingerie lovers, get ready to desperately need absolutely everything from LIVELY. Why? Because it’s not just lingerie, it’s leisurée! Our new fave word, the leisurée from LIVELY is athleisure-level cozy lingerie, and it’s SO PERFECT.

Still yet, consider Lively. Launched just last year by CEO Michelle Cordeiro Grant, a digital veteran coming from Victoria’s Secret, Lively represents the new, priding itself on making lingerie “in a broad size range, at an accessible price (all bras are $35), and with an ethos that aims to support and inspire women.” For Cordeiro Grant, the latter was an element that was missing from the lingerie market, given that it was – until only recently – dominated by men.

LIVELY and Support the Girls are teaming up for a good cause. But why are the underwear brand and non-profit working together? It's enough to give you all the feels and restore your faith in humanity again

“I wanted to create something that I was selling to my daughter. A brand that represents that you as an individual are the most beautiful thing. Your body’s uniqueness and shape are what make you so special. You should celebrate that confidently and courageously.”

If you're in need of a new favorite bralette, be prepared to fall in love with the LIVELY leisurée brand. The company is known for its bras and underwear, which is minimal in color and design but oh so comfortable and wearable.

Beloved by editors and superstars like Ashley Benson, LIVELY's concept is a best-of-both-worlds mix of lingerie and activewear (dubbed "leisurée" by founder Michelle Cordeiro Grant) that makes the perfect underwear for wearing under tee-shirts.

“I worked at Victoria’s Secret, and I have the utmost respect for it as a business and brand and for its market share,” says Michelle Cordeiro Grant, co-founder and CEO of lingerie startup Lively and a former senior merchant at Victoria’s Secret. “But I felt as a consumer another conversation wasn’t happening, and that was really around what lingerie can do a woman.”