To Our LIVELY Crew

From the moment I first started thinking about LIVELY, I knew I wanted to create a brand that would empower women to live their lives with confidence and purpose. As LIVELY has grown, so has our community of badass, inspiring women, and I’m blown away, almost every day, by the passion and power of our customers and their amazing stories.

This truly shows what women and girls can accomplish when we come together to help and support each other, and that’s why we’re giving back with every LIVELY order.

Instead of doing sales or markdowns on our site to clear out inventory—we make donations. We work with female-focused organizations across the country to make sure our products make it into the hands (and onto the backs!) of the women who need it most. Our community has taken care of us, and this is our way of taking care of them.

To date, we have donated more than 30,000 bras to women in need, and trust me—that’s just the beginning. The future is female, and we’re here to help shape it.

We are so excited to partner with you—our raucous, non-conformist, world-changing LIVELY crew babes—on this journey. Together, we can really make a difference. Bras or bust!

Michelle Cordeiro Grant

Giving Back

LIVELY and Support The Girls have each other’s backs: As of today, we are teaming up for a bi-annual bra donation, occurring every November and June, to help provide comfort and support to women in need. Double the giving and double the empowerment

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Bras Donated

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