Girls We Love

When it comes to inspiration, we don't have to look far. The most inspiring women we know are our customers. Here we talk to the boss babes and game-changers who are the definition of #livingLIVELY — chasing dreams and making the most of every minute.

Pay It Forward Mentorship Program: Meet our Female Founders

March 02, 2022 Goal seekers, daydreamers, side hustlers… we’re calling YOU. Get the scoop on building your dream brand, starting an idea on your own terms, and turning your goals into reality from the women that have done it all. ICYMI, head over here for all the deets on how you can score a 1-1 Mentorship Sesh with one of the women in our first collective of female founders, then circle...

March 02, 2022

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Introducing Our Pay It Forward Mentorship Program

March 01, 2022 This International Women’s Day, we’ve got something HUGE planned. We’re pledging to open up EVEN MORE opportunities by giving YOU access to resources, education, and 1-1 mentorship with a trailblazing Female Founder. We’re calling this the Pay It Forward Mentorship Program.

March 01, 2022

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#WCW | Co-Founders Jaclyn, Nadine & Adair of tenoverten

May 05, 2021 Co-Founders Nadine Abramcyk, Jaclyn Ferber, and Adair Ilyinsky of tenoverten, have created an innovative non-toxic nail polish formula that is long-lasting and promotes stronger, healthier nails. We chatted with the trio about what it took to make this product and how they worked together to make their business successful. 

May 05, 2021

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WCW | CEO of Thinx

December 29, 2020 When I joined Thinx, the company was in the midst of a PR storm around its founder. One of the board members at the time told me that the board didn’t think I could do the job because I had a 6 month old baby, and they gave me a comp package that was way under market. Most sane people would have run for the hills, but I just believed so much in the product, the unit economics were fantastic and I really loved the small, passionate team. I knew it had all the ingredients for success, and I felt like I could add a lot of value and prove to the board that their reservations were unfounded. Clearly that has been the case!

December 29, 2020

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#WCW | Founder & CEO of Love Wellness

May 20, 2020 With Love Wellness, it’s important for me to remove the stigma around women’s health. What I often see is that women are too embarrassed by their bodies, and therefore, it prevents them from taking proper care. Education is at the root of what we do, and through education we simplify a lot of topics that have long been considered taboo.

May 20, 2020

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