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When it comes to inspiration, we don't have to look far. The most inspiring women we know are our customers. Here we talk to the boss babes and game-changers who are the definition of #livingLIVELY — chasing dreams and making the most of every minute.

Bottoms Up! Our first ever Active Legging and Short is HERE!

June 05, 2018 Active bra, meet the peanut butter to your jelly! Say hello to our first ever Active Legging and Short that are about to be your latest sweat sesh obsession.

June 05, 2018

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Introducing: The No-Wire Strapless

May 17, 2018 This is Leisuree gone next level — with infinite flexibility, an adjustable band, and total support that will have you saying “this is what dreams are made of”. Just like you, we’re in the business of redefining standards, raising expectations, and making. stuff. happen. That's why decided to take the classic frenemy and make her into a bra that we actually want to put on — one that's forgiving, bendable , super soft and totally supportive.    

May 17, 2018

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The 5 Hacks That’ll Keep Your Bras + Undies Looking Like New

May 15, 2018 Is there anything worse than investing in a quality bra or two, only to find a year later they’re looking a little rough around the edges? Perhaps the cup has lost some of its shape. Maybe a wire is starting to poke through. Safe to say, we’ve all been there at one point or another. A good bra can last you years — if you treat it with tender love and care, that is. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your LIVELY bras, undies, and swimwear fresh and in working condition. 

May 15, 2018

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Packing for Your Next Vacay? Include these 10 Must-Haves

May 03, 2018 Jet-setting off to Europe? Sailing the Caribbean in a cruise ship? Driving north to a wintry wonderland? Sounds like memories in the making. The question is: What’s in your suitcase? Or rather, what’s NOT in your suitcase? Sure, you’ve got your toothbrush, a hair dryer, and your sensible-yet-stylish shoes. Those are the easy ones. But did you pack your swimsuit? A book? Warm layers? There are always items we may have, ahem, forgotten a time or two and will never leave behind again. Here are our 10 must-have items we put in our suitcase or carry-on, no matter the final destination. 

May 03, 2018

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Introducing: The Havana Swim Series

April 26, 2018 Get ready for your best summer yet in swimwear that’s seeking an all-year-long kind of sunshine.

April 26, 2018

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