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When it comes to inspiration, we don't have to look far. The most inspiring women we know are our customers. Here we talk to the boss babes and game-changers who are the definition of #livingLIVELY — chasing dreams and making the most of every minute.


January 17, 2020 Bet you can relate — it's 11am and your bra strap is already slipping (or digging), and you're thinking, "let the fixing, pulling, and adjusting begin." For most of us this is an all day thing, and guess what? We're used to it! Though this has become the norm - it really shouldn't be. When you don't want to wear a bra, but have to, we're guessing your bra drawer is in need of a total refresh. 

January 17, 2020

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The 5 Bras You Need For Holiday ASAP

December 05, 2019 Holiday parties, is that you? If you’re anything like us, somehow, Fall has come and gone and now you’re on the precipice of your first Holiday event. But seriously, where did the time go?? As 2020 quickly approaches, our minds are set on full preparation mode for one thing - maybe even before we start our present shopping list…

December 05, 2019

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The Mamahood Hustle with Carolina Gunnarsson

October 17, 2019 I don’t think it’s realistic for anyone to set that goal for themselves. I have always been entrepreneurial, but I sometimes wish I didn’t always come up with these new ideas and then have to act on them. When I realized that in 2016 there wasn’t a workout that was specifically designed for a pregnant and postpartum woman, I was frankly appalled and then came to the realization that I had to do something about it (while two kids were hanging of my pant legs!) It certainly wasn’t the best timing, but someone had to do it.

October 17, 2019

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Ambassador Feature | Founder of Greene Piece, Maryah Greene

October 09, 2019 Being a broke college student and having a growing plant addiction started to backfire. I found myself spending my last $35 on an exotic plant because it “felt good” to have it in my space. I found that I was traveling to the trendier & more developed parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn to purchase exotic plants for my space. I also found myself calling my mom every two weeks to ask if I could borrow that same $35 to pay my Con Edison bill. That’s when it hit me: New York has a large disparity of access to affordable plants. Why is it that i’m traveling into the most gentrified neighborhoods and paying triple the price for something so natural? Why is greenery so “trendy” all of a sudden? And why on earth are some of my plants dying every time I bring a new one home?

October 09, 2019

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2 Minute Read: #FindYourPurpose by Lindsey Clute

October 03, 2019 If you give up on your purpose in life, whatever it may be, you could be giving up having a positive impact on other people. The potential you achieve will make a difference in your life and to many others. The main point I want to get across is don’t just go with the flow. Don't think that you have to settle or do what everybody else is doing. It’s the people who are able to break away from these things and chase after something bigger that make it to the top. I know for a fact that there’s way more out there for everybody than there seems and SO many opportunities to explore.

October 03, 2019

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