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Have you ever gotten somewhere and thought, “Did I remember to put on a bra?” Ever since I tried The Spacer Bra, this keeps happening to me. And to be honest, nothing makes me happier, because LIVELY created The Spacer to give women that lighter than air, no-bra feeling. That’s why they nicknamed it, The No-Bra Bra.


What makes it so great:

Let’s be honest: This quarantine life means that there has been a lot less bra wearing going on —and LIVELY gets it. But when you have to, that’s where The Spacer comes in! The Spacer feels like no bra at all — finally. It’s light as air, but with the next-level comfort you (and your boobs) deserve. Plus, it conforms to you, not the other way around — dishing all of the things you need, including high-style and all-day comfort. 



Waitlists don’t lie:

Before it even launched, this game-changing bra had a 5,000+ waitlist! And restock after restock, it continues to sell out! Someone from the LIVELY crew once called it “a cloud for boobs” — and I can’t think of a better description.


When you wear it:

Under anything. Honestly. The Spacer is the best of both worlds, kind of like when your favorite bra and bralette collide. It’s made with innovative spacer cups, which are so light and flexible, you’ll get that signature no-bra feeling. It also creates a natural yet lifted shape, dishing a smooth, seamless look under any top (even that almost see-through white tee). Don’t just take it from me - take it from their crew! With over 115 5-star reviews - it’s safe to say that you’ll be reaching for this icon-in-the-making every single day.






“This is now my favorite bra. It has all of the positives of a regular bra (like support and structure) along with all of the positive qualities of a bralette (mainly comfort). Best of both worlds!” -- Lauren

“I've Finally Found the Perfect Bra!!! I have big boobs and always have a hard time finding bras that fit and that are comfortable for long-term wear. I got fed up with underwire bras and have been trying to find an alternative style of bra that still has enough support. This is hands down the best bra I've ever worn!! It is SO soft and comfortable!! I was blown away. Definitely be buying more!” -- Taylor

“Stop looking: This is a perfect bra! This is the best and most comfortable bra I have ever owned. I have the all day no wire and the mesh no wire, which are both comfortable, but this is the bra I want to wear everyday. In fact I’m back to get two more and hope they get more colors, because I love them so much!” -- Sunny




  1. It’s an ultra-light no-wire bra with the feel of your favorite bralette.
  2. No digging wires!
  3. It has all of the things, including front adjusters for easy fixes, a back j-hook for a convertible racerback shape, and an ultra thin cup that forms so well to your unique shape, you’ll forget that you have it on. 
  4. A-DDD Crew, LIVELY has got your back. Get in on the lightest, most cloud-like bra ever ranging in sizes 32A - 36DD/38DDD.
  5. It’s light AF. Goodbye tight, strict, and structured. Hello, moveable and flexible!


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2 bras for $60 / 3 bras for $80 / 3 undies for $25
*Free US shipping over $40 + free returns