4 Bra Habits to Start, STAT!

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February 28, 2017

A Little Love Goes A Long Way

Get Ready to up your care game and show these fresh pieces a little TLC

  1. A dryer can do a number on your delicates. Air dry laid flat and you'll wake up to fresh bras like it was NBD.
  2. Bras need a day off too! Rotate bras daily to let them rebalance and maintain their fit and shape.

3.  Bras are delicate creatures and machines are sometimes a vicious cycle. When you can, hand-wash in cold water. When that's not an option, throw your pieces in a mesh lingerie bag!

4.  You don't need to wash your bras after every wear. Use your best judgement when your pieces need a little love and use that free time to do the things you really love!