No-Wire Strapless Bra Bundle: Jet Black/Toasted Almond No-Wire Strapless Bra Bundle: Toasted Almond No-Wire Strapless Bra Bundle: Jet Black

No-Wire Strapless Bra Bundle

$70 $60

Jet Black/Toasted Almond

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Mix, Max, And Mix again

  • • 2 bras for $60
  • • 3 bras for $80
  • • 3 undies for $25
  • Style notes

    Bundle up! Snag the duo pack and save $10 on this bendable rollable strapless.

    This revolutionary strapless bra is making the impossible oh so possible.

Free US shipping over $40 + free returns

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Rebecca R.
United States United States
THE best strapless bra

This bra is by far the best strapless bra I have ever purchased. It is extremely comfortable and I have had no issues of the bra slipping down or gapping. It honestly feels like you are barely wearing anything. I would highly recommend!

United States United States
I love everything about it, expect the sides....

This bra has so much potential. I love the concept, the cups, the material. Unfortunately, as what other reviews have mentioned—the sides ruin it. I bought two of the Lively bras, this one and The Smooth Strapless, and they both bulge on the sides. Even though this one is supposedly wireless, there is a vertical wire running along the sides. I understand what they were trying to do with it, but it just isn't working. I have tried bending it as I'm wearing, but ultimately, it just looks like I have a wide roll on the sides of my boobs. It's not the typical look that most bras give you when you can see the lines of the bra around your torso when you have it latched at the tightest fitting, it's that and then adding on a massive bulge. If I was wearing something loose I wouldn't mind, but the tops I wear do not look flattering with these bras. I guess I will have to go back on the hunt for a strapless bra. It's sad that Lively hasn't made these changes considering it seems to be an issue with everyone. If they could fix it, it would be the perfect strapless bra. :(

Lauren G.
United States United States
Doesn't fall

This strapless is by far the best one ive ever own and I'm 34 yrs old. It doesn't fall so you don't have to awkwardly be pulling it up. It's very comforting as well.

United States United States
Not what I was expecting

However, the sides of the bra then just bulge out I'm assuming I need a different size. The look from the cup under a shirt is flattering, which is hard to find in a strapless bra sometimes, but the bulging thing is kind of a turn-off. The material is soft and really flexible, if I got a better fit I'd probably love.

Jessie A.
United States United States
Great strapless bra!

They’re very secured and didn’t slip and stayed on all day. But, it can be quite bulky in between your cleavage (maybe because it has no wire) and sometimes I feel like the cups are way too high up. The material is good quality but also the sides of the bra has a strong lining that could potentially push your skin in too deep and started to feel uncomfortable. But I wanna buy the smooth strapless and see how I feel. BUT! I wish they come in white and soft pink too! But mostly white though, it’d be nice to match with white tank tops.

Bra Sizing Guide

Don’t sweat it love, this will be a piece a of cake.


Okay — breathe in, then out, and hold. Wrap a tape measure around your chest at band level and take a look.
Odd number? Add 1. Even number? Add 2.
For example — if you measured 33” and add 1, you get 34”. This is your band size!


Breathe in again, then out, and hold.
1. Wrap a tape measure around the fullest part of your bust and take note.
2. Round to the nearest whole number. This is your bust size!
3. Subtract your band size from your bust size and voila! This determines your cup size.
For example — if your bust measured to 36, you would subtract 34 from 36 to get 2!


Cup Size


Put your band size and cup size together and now you have your bra size!
Our example comes out to be a 34B.


Band size too tight? Cup size too small? Enter your size below to find out your sister size.

If your band is too tight, try a
If your cup is too small, try a
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Here's your sister:
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