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Power babes, Stephanie Cartin and Courtney Spritzer, Co-CEO’s of Socialfly and Co-Hosts of the Entreprenista Podcast, have created an full-service social media agency providing innovative creatives and strategies for their clients. We chatted with the pair about taking a risk to start their own business and never looking back. 


Where are you from?

C: I grew up in Riverdale, New York. I loved growing up there, because we were about 30 minutes away from Manhattan and I loved going to the city as a child. My family would often take trips to the city to try new restaurants, see plays, or go to Museums. I knew I ultimately wanted to live in the city and go to college there.

S: I grew up in Rockville, Maryland in a suburb outside of Washington, D.C. I absolutely loved my childhood and so much of it was defined by my experiences with my friends who are still my best friends to this day. I was also very involved in musical theater and in high school I was captain of our Cheerleading team.


What brought you two together? 

S: Courtney and I met through a mutual friend who is also an entrepreneur. We bonded over our love for social media. I had already started a social media company at the time and after Courtney and I met, we became fast friends and that eventually led to our business partnership.


How long have you too been working together? Why do you think you’ve found so much success in your partnership?

S: We started working together on the side of our full time jobs in 2011. After working nights and weekends for about 10 months we decided to go all in on our business and we handed in our two weeks notice to our corporate jobs on the same day, May 4, 2012. We never looked back after this and have continued to grow our business ever since. We have found a successful business partnership because we both have the same vision and have complementary skill sets. I have always been focused on business development and marketing the agency and Courtney has been focused on the operations and managing the finances.


How do you divide up the work between the two of you, and how have your roles changed over time?

C: From the beginning, we had a “divide and conquer” approach to running the business. I focused on operations and finance and Stephanie focused on sales and marketing. Over time, we each remain accountable for the success in these areas, however, we now have a team of people helping us in each of those functions and our jobs have shifted to overseeing the team and leading by example.


How does your partner inspire you?

C: Stephanie has a positive attitude and is usually very optimistic about what the outcome will be. She operates under the belief that things will always work out which is very inspiring in hard times.

S: Courtney always inspires me. She is extremely resilient and a great problem solver. She always figures out how to get things done even when things seem tough. I am so lucky to call her my best friend and business partner.


How do you motivate each other?

C: The best part about having a business partner is that we can hold each other accountable to results we need to get and also be a sounding board for when we need to vent. It is nice to have someone who understands the day to day challenges that come along with running a business.

S: We never let each other give up. Especially during uncertain times like the entire world is going through right now. We both have a very similar mindset and find ways to make lemonade from lemons.


What type of qualities do you think embody a great work partner?

C: Someone who is honest, reliable, trustworthy, hard working, a calculated risk-taker, and optimistic / positive.

S: I echo everything Courtney shared. The most important thing is being able to trust your business partner with absolutely everything and that is how I feel about Courtney. It is also important that you both share the same work ethic.


What was your biggest learning from growing your career and bringing you to where you are now?

C: Being an entrepreneur is a continuous journey with lots of learning lessons along the way. Everyday I am learning something new. My biggest learning is the importance of hiring people who are culture fits and who truly understand the mission of the company. We spend most of our time working and it’s important that everyone at Socialfly is kind, respectful, and has no ego.


What are your thoughts on “following your gut”?

S: The most important thing I have learned in business is trusting your gut. Any time I have deviated from this and not gone with my gut instinct it has been the wrong choice. As entrepreneurs, we know deep down what feels right is usually what is right. Always listen to that voice inside of you guiding you. It is the voice that led you to start your business in the first place. While it is wonderful to be able to get advice from others and you should, at the end of the day, you make the final decision and you should always follow your heart.


3 fave LIVELY pieces?

C: The Deep V No-Wire in Soft Pink, The All-Day Deep V No-Wire in Toasted Almond, and The Mesh-Trim Bralette in Toasted Almond!

S: The All-Day Deep V No-Wire in Toasted Almond, The No-Wire Maternity Bra in Toasted Almond, and The All-Day Bikini in Jet Back!


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