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January 26, 2017

Founders of Sakara Life, Whitney and Danielle are taking over, leaving babes everywhere wondering how they haven’t signed up yet.  This bad-ass duo is empowering woman to heal their bodies, feel sexy in their own skin, and achieve happiness all through an organic meal plan.  Not only were they childhood BFFS, now they’re boss babe BFF’s helping and healing thousands across the country. We chatted with them about building their brand and how empowering each other has been a major key to their success.
What is your hometown?
WHITNEY: We grew up together in Sedona, AZ!

What brought you two together? How did you know the other was “the one”?
DANIELLE:  We like to say that Sakara was really started in seventh grade math class, when we first met. We just had an instant bond.
WHITNEY:  Also, growing up in Sedona which is sort of a spiritual, healthy, hippie town, we were both raised with an understanding of the mind-body connection. We had a shared interest in holistic wellness.
What advice could you give on working closely with a friend and balancing a personal and professional relationship?  
WHITNEY: Communicate clearly, listen to each other and be open to compromise.
DANIELLE: And make time to detach and reconnect about non-work stuff every now and then!
What inspires you about your friend?
WHITNEY: I admire Danielle’s ability to meld the scientific, the spiritual and the sexy. It’s part of what makes Sakara unique and special.
DANIELLE: Whitney is incredibly detail-oriented and always makes sure everything we create is letter-perfect and done with love.
What are the biggest challenges of being your own boss and how does your partner-in-crime help you?
WHITNEY: When your work is your life, it can be tough to disconnect—you’re always “on.” The good news is, because we know each other so well, we trust each other 100%. So if one of us has to travel or deal with a personal matter, we can have confidence that the other is acting in our best interest and taking care of things.
DANIELLE:  At this point we practically communicate via telepathy—that soul-level connection definitely makes things easier! 

Live on your own terms and don’t be stifled by someone else’s boundaries or way of doing things.

What’s the best advice you’ve gotten from the other?
WHITNEY:  Make up your own rules. All the existing rules were just made up by somebody else, so write your own! Live on your own terms and don’t be stifled by someone else’s boundaries or way of doing things.
DANIELLE:  If you want to create change—in your body, in your career, in your relationships—then act like the person you want to become. Live the story you want to tell the world. Thoughts become things!
What is your process when approaching your creative work?
WHITNEY:  I like to take a few minutes to set the scene and get in the flow before jumping right in! For me, that's sitting quietly and setting my intention, burning sage, lighting candles and sometimes pouring a glass of wine. 
DANIELLE:  Just let it flow! Creativity can strike at any moment and when it does, it's precious, so I honor it by letting it manifest however it’s meant to—whether that's through writing, visualizing or speaking.
When do you feel most empowered?
WHITNEY:  At Sakara HQ. Looking around and seeing all these young women who have dedicated themselves to helping us feed (and HEAL!)  thousands of people across the country. Together, we are truly unstoppable. 
DANIELLE:  When I feel good in my body. Then it doesn't matter where I am, who I’m with or what I’m doing, because my power is coming from my cells. Eating clean, exercising (but not too much) and taking my probiotics all help!
Where do you go in NYC to unwind?
DANIELLE:  Maman for a matcha latte, Heyday for an all-natural facial or MNDFL for some meditation.
What’s your biggest guilty pleasure (life’s all about balance after all!)?
WHITNEY:  The flakiest, most buttery, decadent breakfast pastry I can find.
DANIELLE:  Super dark chocolate!