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Founders Meg & Nina realized there was a need for clothes you could wear from morning to midnight, even with a workout in between.   This badass pair took women’s fashion and created a weekend wardrobe you don’t have to think about. We chatted with them about building their brand and how empowering each other has been a major key to their success.
What is your hometown?
MEG: Beijing, China
NINA: Frankfurt, Germany.
What brought you two together?  How did you know the other was “the one”?
NINA: We met while working at Goldman Sachshours were so long that we often ended up working together until 2 or 3am.  We had the ability to laugh and cry through anything, something that underpins our relationship today.   

What advice could you give on working closely with a friend and balancing a personal and professional relationship?  
MEG:  It’s incredibly difficult, and often the professional relationship will get in the way of the personal one.  Our belief is that you have to put the company first and believe that in the end, you two will get through it together.  Our advice is work through disagreements as easily as possible.
What inspires you about your friend?
NINA: Meg embodies kindness & a determined spirit, making her an amazing partner in crime!  
MEG: She is an impossibly bright force of light; she makes the world a better place each day :)
What are the biggest challenges of being your own boss and how does your partner-in-crime help you?
NINA: Not only are we our own bosses, we also lead a wonderful team of talented & creative women.  It’s so much more fun to lead together.
MEG: Flexibility in your timetable is a beautiful thing, but making the most out of your time is another question entirely! Nina and I sensor check everything we do.

We embrace the ethos of creating a life that you don’t need a vacation from.

What’s the best advice you’ve gotten from the other?
MEG:  There's a beautiful, almost telepathy-like style in our communication, allowing us to not need to talk, while simultaneously knowing what the other is thinking.
What is your process when approaching your creative work?
NINA: Starting with our inspirations, making mood boards, scribbling things down—were also massive fans of Pinterest. Every single team member is creative regardless of their role, we brainstorm and create together.  
When do you feel most empowered?
MEG: I feel beautiful, strong, and invincible every time I step out of the shower.
NINA:  I feel most empowered when I empower others.  There is nothing better than seeing all the beautiful, creative things coming from team ADAY.

Where do you go in NYC to unwind?
MEG: Running loops between the Lower East Side and Williamsburg blasting the Spotify Discover Weekly playlist (it’s weirdly good, algorithms eh?)
NINA:  Hanging by the waterfront in Williamsburg with Van Leeuwen + notepad, or writing in my secret corner at Ludlow House.
What’s your biggest guilty pleasure (life’s all about balance after all!)?
MEG: Sleeping in and cuddling my rescue pup, Forrest (a toy Aussie Shepherd).
NINA: I had ice cream everyday in June, July, August + most of September

How are you #livingLIVELY?
NINA:  We embrace the ethos of creating a life that you don't need a vacation from.

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2 bras for $70 ($90) / 3 bras for $90 ($135)
3 undies for $30 ($45) / 5 undies for $45 ($75)
*Free US shipping over $50 + free return