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#WCW Kate Moore | Founder and Owner of getFIT615

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Up next, Founder and Owner of getFIT615, Kate Moore



Where are you from and what was it like growing up?

I grew up in Richmond, VA. I spent 15 years doing ballet, 10 years singing in choirs, two years of indoor track, and I can’t remember a time in my life before 24 where I wasn’t actively trying to lose weight.


Where does your passion for fitness come from?

I adore the human body — I love what it can do and how it works and all of the things it’s built to tell us if we listen.

When I graduated from high school, I was no longer running track and practicing ballet for 4 hours a day. I was out in the world on my own thinking that my body was supposed to look a certain way, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t quite manipulate it enough to feel lovable. I counted all of my foods, and I used exercise as a punishment for what I had eaten or for how I behaved. I hit a bit of emotional rock bottom with my job, in a relationship, in life in general, and I got tired of hating my body and counting my calories and running for punishment. And that’s when I re-entered my relationship with movement, food, and my body.

So in short, I’d say that my passion for movement, comes from a place of learning to love my body and moving because it makes me feel good — from taking back that power!


What made you start getFIT615?

I started getFIT615 in that emotional rock bottom place. I was quitting my job in the music business here in Nashville that was supposed to be my dream job for life. Since I was miserably unhappy, I started getFIT615 as an online community of people who were just trying to get their body moving in ways that they maybe hadn’t experienced before. My whole goal was to get people into all these little boutique gyms that were popping up around town and be a resource for that. Then the opportunity came to turn that little online community into an actual brick and mortar, and before I knew it, without ANY experience, I had committed to opening up a gym. The timing just felt too right.

I started getFIT615 knowing that I wanted to lead with love and teach people how amazing their bodies are. It’s more important for our bodies to be an incredible vehicle for our souls instead of something for someone else to judge us on. I want everyone to know “you are not your body”.


What personal character traits can you attribute to finding success in your business?

I’m not afraid of hard work. I never have been. In the beginning of getFIT615, I was teaching classes from 6am - 7pm. I was exhausted by the end of every single day but that never made me want to stop.

I love people and I’m an introvert, but I love getting to know people and I think that’s served me well. I’ll remember someone’s story that they told me in passing 6 months ago and ask them about it the next time they come in.

I’m not afraid of being wrong, or learning something new. As a small business owner, it would be so foolish for me to assume that I know what I’m doing, so I approach almost everything I do with a beginners mindset trusting that I am a capable human being and I’m showing up to learn something new!


How do you reset and recharge to get through a tough day or week?

Man, this is really something I’m trying to be more aware of. Honestly, I’m pretty susceptible to burnout. Work gives me such a sense of purpose that I can go weeks without ever realizing that I need to rest. And then my body, in her own way, will honestly just shut down and go, “Kate, honey, we’re done.” And then I know I’ve gone a bit too far and I have to take a few days off.

I’m in the process of learning how to set better boundaries, because I know this will help with my burnout, and this means better boundaries in my relationships and better boundaries with my time and energy. A lot of people want to schedule one-on-one time with me over coffee to ask me about my business or my life. I am always flattered by that and honored and I’d like to be able to do that with everyone who asks... AND my time is very valuable because I only have so much of it. Before I choose to meet with someone, I ask them to come take a few classes with the gym. If they’re not interested in that, I tell them that I have a consulting fee and we are welcome to meet over coffee that way.

I also love writing, and going to the pool, and having a beer on my front porch with a friend… so I have to make sure I make time for those things too.


When do you feel most empowered?

When I say what I need to say, no matter how it’s received. When I am able to be clear about what I need and set boundaries, because I love myself and I value my worth. That’s when I feel the most empowered: when I’m clear, kind, compassionate, and direct.


Can you tell us a bit about your partnership with RISE and how that has shaped the vision of you business?

RISE is so special to me because it has expanded my idea of purpose. I am so fortunate and capable, as is anyone who is able to afford and experience any sort of boutique fitness space, and through RISE, I’m honored to provide the opportunity for anyone connected to us to do more and become more. Our motto is “Sweat. Connect. Grow” and RISE falls into each one of those categories *hearteyeemoji*

A few years ago, a woman named Brittany was coming to the gym, because she was training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. She told me she was going there again to work with a small school and I told her that I’d love for the gym to be involved with something like that! Then she came back from Tanzania and told me that the program she had been going with was no longer planning to go to that school, The First Chance Education Centre, and that the school had asked her to be the Patron. Did I really want to get involved with something like that? And did I want to help plan a trip to Tanzania in 2017?! I said YES! So in 2017, Brittany, the founder of RISE and I took 13 of us to Moshi, Tanzania and raised over $30k for RISE. Right now, we are in the process of getting our 501c3 paperwork done. We are going to Tanzania again in August!

Right now, RISE has a tutoring program for East African Refugee children on Saturday mornings here in Nashville and we work with the First Chance Education Centre in Moshi.


How do you fuel your confidence?

I am so grateful to be surrounded by people every day who tell me how much I mean to them and how grateful they are for me, so in those times where I feel like a fraud or a failure or that there’s no way in the world that I’m ever going to be able to do enough or be enough, I get to check in with those people who love me who remind me that I’m good and that I’m enough and that the best I can do is my best, and that my best is always enough.

I also know that in those times where I don’t feel confident, it’s probably because I’m comparing myself to someone else… and as they always say, “comparison is the thief of joy.” And I always find that to be true. So checking myself during those times to see how I may be comparing myself is another way I’m able to fuel my confidence.


Do you believe in following your gut?

Ha yes, I almost always follow my gut. I’ve been a lot more discerning in the past few years about asking questions when a gut feeling comes up, but my gut seems to be very smart. She always seems to make decisions that are clear, even when I can’t quite verbalize or understand them yet. These days, before I run with a gut feeling or decision, I take some time to really sit with it and try to understand it first.

I dated a guy for 7ish-years on and off and when we broke up, I didn’t really have a whole lot to say to him other than “this isn’t my truth.” That was a gut decision. Not rash, or harsh, or sudden, but it was a gut decision. It just wasn’t right and I needed to end it.

Another example of following my gut — the gym! The gym was a 100% gut decision. I had zero experience running a gym or teaching group fitness classes. But a few people who I love a lot led me to believe that I could do it — so I just did. And, with a lot of effort and hard work and growth, I’m still loving it and so grateful that I listened to my gut instead of talking myself out of it… because I could have very easily done that.


What’s the best advice you’ve received from a mentor?

I always ask myself: Is this authentic to me?

For every decision that I make, I make sure that it’s authentic. I ask myself a few questions, specifically “do I feel good about this?” And then I go from there.

And “good” doesn’t always mean easy or quick, but “good” to me is always kind and chances are it’s something that I’ll grow from moving forward. And sometimes growth is really challenging or scary on the front end… but I’m up for challenging and scary... most of the time.


Have you taken any risks?

Oh my gosh so many risks. The gym is a risk that I take every day — owning my own business. Hiring people is a risk. Firing them is a risk. Committing to their growth is a risk. Committing to MY growth is a risk. Having customers is a risk. Wow… take the risks…. if they feel authentic. They’re always worth it.

I wrote this one time about our trip to Africa which I think speaks pretty clearly to how I feel about taking risks: “Excitement and fear feel similarly in our bodies. For me, it’s a slight flutter in my sternum. That feeling has been happening a lot for me recently as I think about this trip. And then I ask myself, “Who are you not to go to Tanzania because you're afraid of the unknown?!” And then my fear doesn't go away... but my flights are still booked and I'm going. This trip is so much bigger than I am. I'm ready and open and willing. My fear is trying to keep me safe. It's trying to make sure I don't get eaten by a lion or get lost in a city where I don't speak the language. And I appreciate it so much for that, but fear doesn't get to run my life and make decisions for me.


When do you feel most empowered?

When I say what I need to say, no matter how it’s received. When I am able to be clear about what I need and set boundaries, because I love myself and I value my worth. That’s when I feel the most empowered: when I’m clear, kind, compassionate, and direct.


Fave LIVELY pieces?

I love my Mesh Trim Bralette <3 I wear it nearly every day. It’s so comfortable that I sometimes sleep in just that!

I am about to order the red Bandeau swim top, the Tank One-piece in Cabana Stripe, The Lace Strapless, and the Mesh Back Bikini

The best part about when I got invited to be a #WCW, was that I was shopping on as the email came through :)

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