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#WCW Beryl Solomon | Founder of Poplar

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Up next, Founder of Poplar, Beryl Solomon

What is Poplar and how is it changing the world of wellness?

Whether you're a CBD novice or a cannabis pro, Poplar offers you a curated assortment of the best legal cannabis products, all carefully selected and independently tested. In other words, today we sell across the US a selection of hemp-derived CBD products.

The world of wellness is changing every day. New ingredients, new brands, new promises — and when it comes to CBD and cannabis, a whole new frontier.

We created Poplar to help people navigate this new world and to make it simple and easy to take care of yourself. When we couldn't find a trusted resource that provided easy to understand cannabis content and sold cannabis products that fit our lifestyle, we built one.

Poplar offers a curated assortment of the best products on the market, all carefully selected and independently tested. Poplar is here to help lead the way through the crowded and complicated cannabis wellness landscape. #RedefineYourWellness

Where does your passion for wellness come from and how did you become interested in CBD and Cannabis based products?

I never considered myself a wellness aficionado. I mean, I certainly don’t have a six pack.

I have always just thought of my routines as my balance — my sanity. I enjoy working out because I love eating :) My mind is always clearer and my body calmer after a good heart pumping cardio session. I have always known I need Beryl time and treasured a quiet half hour manicure, but not until a couple of years ago did I realized that was my self care and wellness routine.

I’m almost 40, taken on more professional responsibilities, and become a mother. As I have gotten older (eek), I have started to think more and more about wellness, what it means in general, and what it should and could look like for me. One of the themes of my wellness journey has been to try to look for more natural remedies. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my children vaccinated, but I have stopped making my first response to pain or discomfort typical western medicine — aka Advil and big pharma.

I have been on a low dose of SSRI (anti-depressant) for many years. With the guidance of my doctor, I actually stayed on medication through both of my pregnancies. We decided to head the old adage — healthy mom, healthy baby :)

But in late 2017, I started chatting with my doctor about other options to my low dose of prozac. She was the first person to mention CBD to me. In a very nonchalant way, she kicked off this new chapter of my wellness journey.

When I couldn’t find a place online (and trust me, I am a REALLY good Googler) that was providing easy to understand content and selling products that fit my lifestyle, I decided to build one. No one was talking about cannabis in a non-stoner, non-witchy, non-medical way. So fast forward and here we are. Little did I know that in that paper gown I would have an epiphany.

What was it like launching your own business? Any myth busters?

I am just going to own it — it is so hard. It is exhilarating and exciting, but TOUGH. After 20 years working in fashion at best-in-class brands, I took a leap of faith and started my own thing. Poplar went live November 1, 2018, so we are still brand new.

My first response is — ask me again in a year. But then my second response, which feels sort of cliche but it totally true is, follow your gut!

I remember over the summer of 2018 while I was building Poplar, people would ask, “What are you working on?”. I would start sweating and sheepishly say, “cannabis”. At first everyone was like, “WTF, cannabis?”. Start working on something controversial and you will quickly see who unconditionally supports you :) The people that do, keep them close. The people that don’t, don't stress. Follow your gut. Big dreams are often hard for other people to understand.

But I love the challenge. I feel like my entire professional career and personal life has lead up to me starting Poplar, my 3rd child as I say.

When do you feel most empowered?

Ooooh, good one. Two moments when I feel particularly empowered are:
1. At the end of a workout
2. After my kids tell me unsolicited they love me…it’s the little things.

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

I definitely have more than one. A good blow dry, a neutral manicure, a beautiful pair of clogs, a foot massage from just about anywhere, Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups, and late night online shopping/browsing.

3 fave LIVELY pieces?
I am classic with, as my friend Natasha says, a dash of “f you”. So here are my faves: The Tank One Piece in black, The Unpolitically Femme Tee, and The Bandeau Strapless in Black.

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2 bras for $70 ($90) / 3 bras for $90 ($135)
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