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LIVELY Fit Guide 2.0


Introducing The LIVELY Fit Guide 2.0

We tracked down 4 of our favorite boss-babes to be featured in our latest fit guide.  

Elizabeth, Student + Activist

32DD | Size 1 in The Busty Bralette

Elizabeth has grown up surrounded by amazing badass women, inspiring her to take control of her life and turn her dreams into goals. One of the things that she found was holding her back, was her small frame and bigger bust size. We had Elizabeth try on the Busty Bralette for us and her response was exactly what we were hoping for!

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“I feel empowered to move! I’m not thinking about my chest at all, I’m more focused on what’s going on around me and tackling my day.”

Elianah, Student + Artist

34DD | Size 1 in The Busty Bralette

Elianah is constantly on the go, with her life as a student and an artist, she is all about that 24/7 hustle.  She says her quickest and truest way to be #livingLIVELY comes from being authentic and true to herself.

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"To me, #livingLIVELY means making my own rules."

Madi, Co-Founder of Montauk Juice Factory

36DD | Size 2 in The Busty Bralette

Madi has always been one to go against the grain, whether it was pushing against her corporate job or traveling to Costa Rica to find herself, she strives to feel alive. She finds her motivation from her surrounding community of amazing women.


"Giving women a platform to feel special is the greatest thing a brand can do."

Kayla, Model Agent at NEXT

38DD | Size 2 in The Busty Bralette


Kayla had always dreamed of working in the fashion industry in NYC and wouldn’t let anything stand in her way. She thrives on being a part of something bigger and surrounds herself with drive and dedication. She says The Busty Bralette has allowed her to tap into her confidence and feel empowered — her bra choice was finally something she didn’t have to think about.


"Sexy, to me, means confidence. Feeling great in your own skin and not worrying about anyone or anything else."

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