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#WCW Ashli Stockton | Founder of Sunday Forever

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Up first, Founder and CEO of Sunday Forever, Ashli Stockton!

In my previous life as a corporate executive I was lucky enough to travel the world. Japan’s attention to and appreciation of detail struck me. That’s where my love affair with the Kimono began.

As a self-taught leisure enthusiast I embarked on a quest to design a life where each and every day had the potential to feel cozy and they were Sunday Forever.

I’m excited to bring you the things that brought me comfort and happiness then and now. Here’s to Sundays, good vibes, Nice Things, and YOU. 

-xx Ashli

What is your hometown?

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

What are the biggest challenges of the work that you do?

There are times when everything feels like a priority and it’s tough to decide what to tackle first. When I decided to start a business I never could have imagined all of the moving parts and pieces. I’ve come to expect the unexpected and take it in stride, one step at a time. And it’s okay to FREAK OUT once in a while.

What advice could you give on finding a healthy work-life balance?

Even when it seems impossible to take time for yourself, it’s necessary…whether it’s a 10 minute morning meditation or a few minutes during the day to watch baby animal videos on YouTube. Also, it’s important to me that I stay connected to friends and family, even if it’s only a quick text or email. It’s easy to become isolated and consumed in work because the to-do list can seem endless. Taking care of yourself and your most important relationships will help to keep your soul properly nourished.

What’s the best advice you’ve gotten from a mentor?

Work hard, be nice, stay curious.

What is your process when approaching your creative work?

The creative process is by far the most enjoyable part of what I do, and it all happens very naturally for me. I’ll see or hear something that strikes me. It could be from an image, a color, a movie, a friend, a memory. Then I roll all of that into a ball and it becomes something tangible.

When do you feel most empowered?

Now that I’m in the pilot seat of my career plane feeling empowered has become a way of life. I’m betting on myself. Win or lose, it’s up to me. What’s more empowering that that?

I’m betting on myself. Win or lose, it’s up to me. What’s more empowering that that?

Where do you go in NYC to unwind?

I’m a huge homebody. In the winter months I love nothing more than to jump in a kimono, slap on a mask, light a candle or 5, pour a glass of something, cozy up with my dogs, order seamless and Netflix away. That’s perfection to me. When it gets warmer I like to put in my headphones and work outside in our little urban garden or sit and read a book in the sun with a giant iced coffee.

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure (life’s all about balance after all!)?

Anything on Bravo. Andy Cohen 4 life.

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