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The Ultimate Shoppable Happy Hour with LIVELY and Bari


The Ultimate Shoppable Happy Hour

23 Leonard St, New York, NY 10013

Wednesday, July 12th 5-8 pm


 We're poppin' back up at Bari Studio to celebrate Summer with our favorite crew! What better way to celebrate the warm weather than by gettin' a workout in and scoping out your favorite new LIVELY swim pieces! 

Join us at Bari Studio for a bounce class, or skip the sweat and get straight to shopping! Check out the LIVELY's newest pieces IRL, try on all the swimsuits you've had your eye on and hang with some major boss-babes!

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The It-Girl Beanie: Fresh White
$25 $15.00 - Score!
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The Denim Palm Tote: Navy Palm Print
$25 $5.00 - Score!
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2 bras for $55 / 3 bras for $75 / 3 undies for $25
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