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Wellness Week: Supplement Nutrition; The New Vitamin featuring Care/of

We're all unique (hurrah!). But with the differences in our goals and lifestyles, the idea of a mass-market multivitamin is outdated. The most compelling research on supplements is for specific populations. Care/of helps find what's right for you.
Let’s get personal: What nutrients are you missing?
We all definitely try to stick to a healthy diet and get those workouts in, but even the best intentioned among us sometimes have to skip a meal (or opt for pizza) so it seems very easy to sometimes miss out on some key nutrients. That’s why, after all, our parents have always told us to take our vitamins. But the question on our mind as of late is: which vitamins?!

How your diet and lifestyle can impact your body’s needs
More than ever, we have unique diets - gluten free? Paleo? - which may mean you’re missing out on some key nutrients. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, for example, you’re probably low on Vitamin B12, which is mostly found in non-vegetarian foods.

Beyond that, you may have certain health goals or workout habits that can make you a better candidate for certain vitamins and supplements. Some supplements, like fish oil, are good for heart health; others are good for immune support; others can help with stress. If you work out frequently or intensely you may need products to help with muscle recovery or immunity.

But it can be pretty difficult to choose from the thousands - literally, thousands! - of products you see in a typical vitamin store. Beyond that, some of the brands you see just seem shady. How are you supposed to know what products are made with quality ingredients?

An Easier Solution
Care/of offers a new way to navigate the world of vitamins and supplements. On their site, you take a 5-minute quiz about your diet and lifestyle. They then recommend the best supplements for you, from vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and herbal supplements.
supplement nutritionsupplement nutrition

Their recommendations are based on clinical research and input from doctors and nutritionists. They have the basic vitamins and minerals, but also some Ayurvedic and traditional supplements like Ashwagandha and Turmeric. Some of these vitamins are widely accepted as essential for health -- raise your hand if you’ve ever been told by your doctor that you need Vitamin D. But other supplements are recommended based on traditional and Ayurvedic medicine, like Ashwagandha and Turmeric, both herbal supplements. Care/of will point you to the research that has been done on each of its products, so you can make a call about which products you want to try.

Once you get your perfect mix of vitamins, Care/of will send them to you in daily packs, totally personalized for you, in a monthly box that looks pretty cute on your kitchen counter. 
But more importantly, the products you get are made from quality ingredients. Care/of has demonstrated they’re serious when it comes to supply chain quality. Their herbal products are farmed sustainably, they avoid the use of harsh chemicals, and they actually ferment their vitamins to make them easier for the body to digest. Their Fish oil is actually made from Wild Alaskan salmon, and their Turmeric is sourced sustainably in India. If you’re the sort of person who loves the farmer’s market and cares about local sourcing and quality, it’s nice to encounter a vitamin brand that does too.

You can get your own personalized vitamin recommendation at Care/of in just a few minutes! Plus they're hookin' LIVELY readers up with 50% off their first order at Care/of, with the code LIVELY 

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