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Wellness Week: How You Can Be The Healthiest You This Summer featuring AKT

We all can't wait for spring and warmer temps. It means weekend get-always, summer vacations and more. But how do we let ourselves get away without letting our results slip away...
Drink LOTS of water.  Seriously.  This seems so simple, and we always forget the true importance of hydration.  It will help regulate all your systems and help get you back on track faster!  Sugar/salt cravings, exhaustion, muscle fatigue, cramping, and irregular sleep patterns are side-effects of dehydration!  

Try drinking 6 bottles of water a day.  Just keep one with you at all times and count down. Reward yourself at the end of the week (a massage?!) when you meet your daily H2O goals!

Keep yourself moving!  I know your initial reaction is to hit the hammock with a drink and soak in the rays (and I don’t blame you).  But after your initial indulgence, find ways to keep yourself active EVERY DAY.

Whether it’s exploring a new city, scuba-diving, paddle boarding, biking, skiing, or 45min on that resort treadmill… DO IT!  It’ll keep your endorphins alive on vaca!

If you love your morning coffee (guilty!), go ahead and indulge.  But know that 2-4 hrs later, your sugar levels will drop and you’ll be begging for something sweet or more caffeine.  Instead of grabbing that pina colada, give yourself a natural boost that will refresh you, hydrate you, AND give your metabolism a natural bump.
Indulge is as much iced green tea as you want!  Sometimes I even make ice cubes from lemonade and pop those into my green tea for a subtle upgrade.  It will help stave off those pesky sugar cravings, and settle your mind so you can focus on that hike instead of napping away! 

There is nothing more stifling than a hot and humid summer day.  The LAST thing you want to do is step outdoors into a wave of heat and try to make yourself workout.  So… turn up the A/C and get your sweat on without ever leaving your cozy, cool living room.
I created AKT On Demand for exactly these moments.  When I’m traveling, and I need motivation, I open the app, and I immediately have access to over 60 workouts from cardio to toning to restorative, all in my PJ’s.  No public interaction or stylish outfit necessary.  You. Your laptop. A/C. And my workout tricks.  Boom! 

Anna's hookin' the LIVELY crew up with 50% off your first month of AKT On-Demand using the code WWAKT50
Sign up, sit back, and enjoy an amazing workout right from your living room.
Happy Wellness Week, loves! 
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