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Welcome To The Mod Squad

Round up your girls for a series all things bold and fearless.
The Mod Squad Series is here!

mod squad
Featuring the Mesh Trim Bralette - Print, $35

Get in on statement-making silhouettes and ultra-mod prints that are claiming total staple-status. These stand-out deco prints are ditching the sidelines and defining your next girl gang uniform.

mod squad
Featuring The Bandeau Strapless, $35

We noticed that we feel most beautiful and powerful when we’re standing with the boss babes of our girl squad. Laughs are louder, jokes are funnier, pics are more fire, and adventures are more memorable!

Naturally, our LIVELY Team had a few Mod Squad Memories to share and of course, there was always a song or two to soundtrack the moment.

“Sugar” by Maroon 5

“On a road trip from San Francisco to Portland, my best friend and roommate belted this song for almost an hour straight on the I-5! We had been driving for nearly 7 hours at that point so we were a little delirious :) We always manage to make a ton of fun out of nothing. Those are honestly the best moments!”

— Felicity Masa, Community & Culture Coordinator

“Headlines” by Drake

“This song brings back such crazy memories with me and my girls. ‘Headlines’ was big when I first moved to NYC, and we would go out clubbing just ready for this song to play. It was our hype song forsure!”

— Elisabeth Cooley, Merchandise Planner

“No Scrubs”  by TLC

“My best girls and I have a playlist that we love to listen to on drives to the beach over the Summer. We always love blasting our fave 90s songs with the windows down to get excited for a day in the sun. A little TLC was always sure to get the day started off right!”

— Ryan Flynn, Customer Care Specialist

“What You Don't Do” by Lianne La Havas

“I first discovered Lianne La Havas a few years back with my girlfriends when she performed for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert. She has an incredible voice and is extremely talented. We were all blown away by her and we became obsessed. This is probs one of top 10 fave songs ever and it always reminds me of my best girls!”

— Jeesung Kim, PR Associate

"Sun Models" by ODESZA

Me and my sister are BFFs, and at the first festival we ever went to together, our fave EDM artist ODESZA was playing. When “Sun Models” came on, I’m pretty sure we lost our minds! After that, I’m pretty sure ODESZA was our soundtrack for the rest of the summer.”

— Erin Hampton, Marketing Assistant

Round up the crew and make memories to the rest of our Mod Squad Playlist on Spotify!

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The Smooth Stickies: Toasted Almond
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2 bras for $70 ($90) / 3 bras for $90 ($135)
3 undies for $30 ($45) / 5 undies for $45 ($75)
*Free US shipping over $50 + free return