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This Week On The LIVELY Podcast: Kathryn Duryea Wyndowe

Welcome BACK to the LIVELY podcast!

This is a show for women with wild hearts and boss brains, interested in keeping it real about what it means to build a business, lean into community, juggle it all, and make a solid impact along the way. 

In every episode, LIVELY Founder, Michelle Cordeiro Grant will interview powerhouse women about what is real to them; their community, their work, and their passion, and how they get it done.  

So throw your hair up in a top knot and chill. We’re here to inspire, ground, and REBOOT. Come as you are, no makeup needed.  

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Kathryn Duryea Wyndowe


Kathryn Duryea Wyndowe is a tableware designer with an incredible journey reinventing her career several times. She is the Founder and CEO of Year & Day, but she had humble beginnings where she admits she did a lot of cold calling.


Kathryn Duryea Wyndowe


In this episode of The LIVELY Podcast: No Makeup Needed, we’ll dive into Kathryn’s journey from a stint at the White House, to Tiffany & Co Marketing pro, to truly changing the tableware and home entertaining industry with Year & Day. Kathryn touches on how her upbringing and her move from NYC to SF inspired her YOLO moment, and how she got the confidence to cold call and meet with people to build relationships and advance her career.

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