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Being a badass mom is an incredibly strong woman that can Do. It. All. — so we thought that their bras should be too. Introducing LIVELY Maternity, the softest, most functional, and most stylish bra and bodysuit nursing moms will ever wear.
Power babes gone power mammas, get ready to be on that ultimate #momgoals status!

In honor of one of our most exciting launches of the year, we spoke with some all inspiring mothers that we love — Aimee Rudic, Maya Ravi and Jenn Seracuse. Read on to hear how the LIVELY Maternity bra and bodysuit are improving the lives of these boss babes and their newborns.


How does the Maternity Bralette/Bodysuit compare to other maternity bras you have tried?

M: I like the smooth fabric and have never tried a bodysuit before!

A: The bralette is simply cool, with support and functionality you need to breastfeed! It's not oversized or "dumpy" like other brand's nursing bras can be. It fits and looks great under anything!



What do you like about the Maternity Bralette/Bodysuit?

A: It covers your belly at all times, so you can wear "normal" clothes and simply raise them up to breastfeed without exposing your (slightly stretched) stomach for the world to see!

J: I especially love the thinner straps and small clips. I don’t feel like I should have to compromise style for function while I am still breastfeeding and now I don’t have to!

M: I love that I finally found a nursing bra that feels and LOOKS like an actual bra I would wear, but is also comfortable and supportive.


How has the Maternity Bralette/Bodysuit changed the game for you?

M: The bodysuit has literally doubled my outfit options! From being able to wear a baggy t-shirt to all my sweaters and sweatshirts that were just sitting there.

A: Just like pre-baby, LIVELY leisurée changed the game for my everyday bra game. Likewise, the LIVELY Maternity has done the same. It not only makes me feel more comfortable, but it makes me feel more current while doing what I do everyday.

J: I love the idea of the bodysuit over ill fitting nursing tanks. The bodysuit fits under clothing without being bulky and keeps everything in place.

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