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New Episodes of The LIVELY Podcast Are Here + Erin Foster

Welcome BACK to The LIVELY podcast! We are thrilled to launch an incredible lineup of new episodes on April 5, 2022!

This is a show for women with wild hearts and boss brains, interested in keeping it real about what it’s like building the life and career you want, leaning into community, stumbling along the way, picking ourselves back up after we fall, and doing what we love with the people we love.

In every episode, LIVELY Founder, Michelle Cordeiro Grant, chats with incredible women about what led them to leave steady jobs to follow their dreams or try something they’ve never done before, the support they had along the way, the high highs and low lows, and how they get everything done, all while juggling their own mental health, families, and more.

We’re also so excited to share more Ambassador YOLO moments in each episode featuring incredible women in our community!

So throw your hair up in a top knot and put on your comfiest lounge set. We’re here to inspire, ground, and REBOOT. Come as you are, there’s no makeup needed.


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For the first new episode this year, Michelle sits down with comedic genius, writer, producer, podcaster, founder, advisor, investor, and everyone’s favorite aunt, Erin Foster. Erin is the CoFounder of Favorite Daughter, and in this episode, she talks about the challenges of relationships & marriage, having high expectations of yourself that you can’t always meet, being underestimated, growing a business sustainably, working with family members (cue all the #sisterfights), and SO much more.



Erin walks us through what it was like taking a job at Bumble without having prior tech experience, feeling seriously underestimated, but finding that being underestimated was actually a superpower. She also shares how failures in various areas of her life (like relationships) led to successes, and the YOLO moment that led to co-founding Favorite Daughter. The realness, relatability, and inspo knows no bounds in this episode - you don’t want to miss this one! 


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