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3 Minute Read: Getting Comfortable With Discomfort by Kate Snowise

photo by: Stephanie Studer from LifeCreated

3 weeks ago today I had a bilateral mastectomy. I never thought in a million years that at 35 I would be diagnosed with breast cancer, but I’m counting my lucky stars, and feel like I had emotionally prepared myself as much as I possibly could have to get over this hurdle.

For the last few years as I’ve been building my own community and business, #livingLIVELY, and trying to impact the world for good, i’ve had to choose courage over comfort over and over again. I’ve learned that your boldest and brightest life lives outside your comfort zone — always.

I’ve actually gotten strangely comfortable with discomfort. I didn’t realize it, but I started to label my feelings of fear, nervousness, and freaking-the-f-out as a good thing! Every time I felt this way I knew I was challenging myself and growing. I knew I was taking a step closer to the highest version of me and what I could contribute to the world.

I started a blog after never having read a single one. Hitting ‘publish’ on that first blog and sharing myself with the world was overwhelming and I can still remember the courage it required. Letting that blog out into the world meant I was claiming my dreams of becoming a writer…and it was scary!

A couple of years later I went on to start a podcast, Here to Thrive. It’s the podcast I wanted to listen to. I’m a big believer of creating what it is you crave! I wanted to hear about epic humans living their dreams, and see what they could teach me about living a good life. Totally practical and grounded, but also mildly woo. Spirituality has always fascinated me. But I had no idea what I was doing. Absolutely NO idea.

Lead by nothing more than a vision, a genuine desire, and a heart full of hope, I recorded my first 5 episodes and released them out into the world. I freaked out at the sound of my voice and was scared out of my wits to broadcast what I was sharing about myself, but I did it anyway. Sitting here 2 years later, I never dreamt it would reach 27,000 people every month and impact people the way it has! I’m so glad I didn’t let my fear stop me.

So then, I get diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

As you can imagine, that’s scary as all get out. I’ll never forget taking that call from the nurse and hearing her tone of voice. I knew exactly what she was going to say after she asked me if I was somewhere comfortable. For weeks I had no idea how advanced it was. All I knew was that once again, I was being asked to be courageous and to move forward into the uncertainty, but this time I didn’t have a choice.

It hasn’t all been easy over these last couple of months, but I consistently came back to the fact that this discomfort meant that I was growing. The Universe was stretching me, and if I stayed open, there were lessons I would learn. Knowing that discomfort meant I was growing has kept me grounded.

I’ve decided to frame my second set of breasts as my Wonder Woman set. They’re not the ones I was born with, but they’ve made me stronger. And that dream of becoming a writer that I claimed 4 years ago when I started a blog, it’s coming true as well. I’m currently polishing up my proposal and there is a book in the works!

Life stretches us so we can grow, but we can also stretch ourselves. Truly, your boldest and brightest life lives outside your comfort zone. Get comfortable with discomfort and you’ll shine in ways you never knew you could.

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