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From Sea to Sun and Back to Being a Total Boss.

Our crew is free spirited, confident, and frankly — pretty badass in everything they do! We wanted to give our crew something that to remind them of that at any point in your day, no matter what they’re taking on. So — we made a fragrance to do just that.

Jasmine. Sea. Sun. is the scent that’s got your back and rests in the midst of your daily mantra — hustle, breathe, reset, repeat. Radiant from start to finish, jasmine sambac, sea salt, crisp pear, ambrox, and sandalwood come together to empower you to be your most free and confident.

Instead of a scent that masks who you are, we believe a scent should remind
you of who you are! Jasmine sambac embodies jasmine in its natural scent as smelled in the air and conveys the sense of spiritual serenity. The subtle note of sea salt brings a watery freshness and evokes the feeling of freedom and escape, while sandalwood gives the essence of a warm embrace and a kiss from the sun.

We want to take you on a behind the scenes look at the making of our fragrance, where the creators of our scent at Firmenich Inc. worked with us closely and went through multiple rounds of testing, refining and adjusting until we settled on the perfect combination. Needless to say, we’re very proud of what our first fragrance turned out to be.

jasmine sea sun

“Jasmine. Sea. Sun. enhances the elements that make you you. Working with the best ingredients, we created this fragrance to be radiant from start to finish, inside and out. Like a clear blue sky, the smell of blooming flowers and fresh sea salt in the air, Jasmine Sea Sun takes you to a place where you can be free, calm, and confident.”



Perfumer Gabriel Chaleff shows LIVELY CEO Michelle Cordeiro Grant various creations and scent combinations in the Firmenich Lab.

Perfumer’s Technician, Kara Kowalski, measures ingredients and prepares to build a scent.

scent combos
Archives of various scent combinations in the Firmenich Lab

Girls from our crew had the opportunity to experience Jasmine. Sea. Sun. and discover the individual notes of what makes it so special.

Their reaction? Totally Obsessed.


“It brings out my fun-loving side and makes me feel free to relax and embrace the day.”  — Evelyn F.


“Jasmine. Sea. Sun evokes the adventurous side of my of my personality. I’m empowered and curious to take on life's new adventures.” — Jordan C.


“Honestly, ever since I got the fragrance, I’ve been wearing it non-stop daily.”
— Kaye Li Ti.


“I would wake up, spritz myself with Jasmine. Sea. Sun and start the day with
a yoga class.”
— Alex D

self love
Get ready for your daily dose of self-love.

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