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Ambassador Files: Mariam Chubinidzhe

Our crew is full of badass, unique, inspiring and super cool women that we just wanted to get to know! Here are the ambassador files where we introduce you to an amazing girl from our community that you'll probably want to be your bestie.


Up next, blogger and lawyer in the making, Mariam Chubinidzhe


Where are you from?

My family is from Eastern Europe! We’re Georgians.


Favorite color?

Lavender Purple & Sunflower Yellow! :) Both represent my personality so well.


Favorite condiment?

Hot sauce 😏


Best Halloween costume?

This past Hallowee(kened) I was The Plastics from Mean Girls. Thursday night, I was Regina George with the white shirt and bra combo. Friday night, I was Karen with the “I’m a Mouse, Duh” costume, and Saturday afternoon, I was Gretchen with a shirt that said “I Can’t Help It That I’m Popular”. They were my simplest costumes, but I loved every second of it!


Mariam Chubinidzhe


What are you reading right now?

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (but will be on pause most likely since law school starts back up in less than a week!)


Favorite book?

The Odyssey of Homer — I absolutely LOVE Greek Mythology. The Illiad is next on my list!


Favorite fruit?

Hands down Mangos. I love tropical fruits sooooo much! Passion Fruit is a very close second. Then Bananas!


How do you take your coffee?

Black like my soul, cold like my heart hehehe 😈 No, but really...I prefer bitter and black coffee with a side of cheesecake!


Besides you, who should everybody be following on Instagram?

@travel_inhershoes is one of my favorite travel bloggers and style icons. She’s adorable and actually takes time to reply to people’s DMs! You really do feel like you’re good friends with her.


Where have you always wanted to visit?

I actually have a top 3 of where i’m dying to go. Iceland, Greece, and Hungary. And one more as a bonus — Croatia. I really hope to explore all of these countries. I’m so fascinated by their food, culture, history, and architecture. All of it, really!


What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

Studying abroad was the bravest thing I’ve ever done for sure. I’ve never lived away from home. I commuted all of college and still commute to my law school, and fortunately, my immediate family lives in the same building with me! Moving to Amsterdam back in August of 2015 was terrifying in the beginning. I knew nothing about the city, Holland, and I didn’t know a single soul. But by the end, I found myself surrounded by some of the greatest people I’ve ever met, a beautiful city I’m so lucky to call my second home, and a culture I still crave to be a part of! I came back home 6 months later a whole new person with a brand new attitude about life. It’s hands down one of the best, easiest, and bravest decisions I ever made in my life.


Mariam Chubinidzhe


Favorite LIVELY piece?

100% in love with the Long-Lined Laced Bralette. I have it in black and navy and will be getting all the colors very soon, hahaha. I'm obsessed with the new Seamless Bralette. My next purchase is definitely going to be the Seamless Deep V Bralette. I also love The Tank One-piece in the Poolside Print. I get so many compliments on that, and I find it to be so versatile. I even wear it as a body suit sometimes!

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