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Catchin' Up With The Design Crew: Behind The Poolside Print

We sat down with the amazing design team at LIVELY to chat about the latest print taking over our Instagram feed. Sarah Sullivan, Creative Director, Aimee Rudic, Artist, and Ariana Lisk, Junior Graphic Designer, are the boss brains behind The Poolside Print. Our freshest print debuted with the launch of Swim and we're #obsessing over it still. Check out their process and how The Poolside Print came to life! 

What palm is featured in The Poolside Print?
AR: The Palm that is primarily featured is a Monstera deliciosa found in most tropical destinations that we lust over!!! The other plants are a variety of Bird of Paradise!

Where does the inspo come from for The Poolside Print?

AR: We pulled a lot of inspiration for this print. Mostly the inspiration came from a feeling you would get when you are away on an exotic location, the freedom and sense of wonder you experience when surrounded by the flora that you don't always have in your own environment. Certain plants and flowers just evoke a feeling of letting go! 
PS -- All plants were actually found in my favorite flower shop in Amagansett (Flowers by Beth) and drawn and painted as a live study. 

the design crewthe design crew
How are the colors inspired?

AR: The colors were mostly inspired by Sarah's brilliant creative vision of entire line and how it would all work together. The tropicals were painted pretty true to color for realism. 
How many prints were created in the process of coming to our all-star final Poolside Print?

SS: There were quite a few versions and a lot of editing involved for production. 

the design crew
How did we choose this print as the final and why?

SS: It was sort of an organic process where the pieces of The Poolside Print were always there but we played around with scale and color to get it to feel just right.  The shapes of the palms, flowers and negative space and how they all work together made it feel complete and very LIVELY.

How do we want The Poolside Print to inspire our audience and encourage them to be #livingLIVELY?

AL: We wanted to evoke a sense of wanderlust in our audience, and found that perfect balance of sophistication and inspiration in Aimee's print. 


Download phone wallpaper below, loves 👇🏽

the design crew

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